How to Market Your Hotel

Friendly staff, superb facilities and a high quality service are the ingredients for a successful hotel! Other factors which will help in your hotel’s success are:

The position where the hotel is situated is one of the most important things to start with. Preferably the hotel should be centrally located and close of all amenities.

Another important factor is the service. It is important that you provide an excellent service to all hotel guests. Also, make sure that you provide the right price for the kind of hotel that you have. The price must fall within the market’s range.

One of the first steps in marketing your hotel is by retaining your current customers. You must strengthen the relationships with your current customers and repair the ones with your past customers, so that you can earn them with your potential guests. Even simple things can make a difference. Keep in contact with customers and send them birthday and / or Christmas cards.

Providing questionnaires to hotel guests to fill in will help you in knowing how one can strengthen the service and / or products.

Another simple step is to make sure that you always have some business cards available at ALL times for any prospective client that you might meet during meetings or in other occasions.

Make sure you have current hotel flyers at your local centre and preferably also at your state visitor centres.

Make a brochure of your hotel and also make sure you have a website to promote your hotel. Submit your hotel to various hotel directories. Directories and websites are two of the most sourceful referrals of income since visitors can book their hotel from all over the world!

Make the hotel’s website as attractive as possible and also make is user friendly. Create sections in your hotel’s website that include hotel information, map of how one can get to the hotel, contact details, online reservations and hotel bookings.

Send thank you notes to your top ten travel agents. Everyone appreciates when they are remembered and they will remember you and promote your hotel even more!

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